Welcome to Allied Property Consulting!

Allied Property Consulting (APC) has one core focus: Identify prime investment opportunities in the South West Growth Corridor of NSW.

By harnessing the power of small investment syndicates (between 3 and 12 investors), we strive to create value to syndicate members in the following ways:

  • Allowing individuals with limited funds to participate in acquiring real estate, that they would otherwise not have been able to, on their own;
  • Saving syndicate members considerable time and effort, by facilitating the entire process, from finding other like minded individuals (with similar investment aspirations), willing to invest during the same period of time, to finding a suitable property, negotiating the purchase and ensuring all the appropriate legal arrangements are in place for acquiring the property;
  • Spreading the investment risk and sharing upfront costs (such as legal fees and stamp duty) with other investors;
  • Maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with all investors along the way, keeping everyone informed (no surprises) and involved in the decision making process, in a fair and ethical manner; and
  • Taking care of the ongoing management of the underlying asset and the syndicate group, to include appointing and liaising with real estate agents, lawyers and accountants on behalf of the syndicate; paying bills as well as handling corporate secretarial / statutory work and investor relations.

By partnering with other investors, APC aims to create synergistic opportunities to our clients, offering value for money services and capturing new growth opportunities.

If you are interested in investing or developing property with others through a property syndicate or joint venture, please contact us today !