Our Services include:


  • Targeted Syndicate Creations: Creating a syndicate of investors and raising cash is a delicate task and a big responsibility. We take the time to work closely with individual investors to understand their specific investment requirements, and match that with a specific property and syndicate profile that has a set of aligned measurable goals;


  • Property Acquisitions: Buying a "good" property that meets specific investment criteria within a particular price range can be a very time-consuming and stressful exercise. We conduct an extensive search to identify the right property and ensure it satisfies the requirements of all members of the associated syndicate from the start, and before commiting to purchasing the property. We also take care of arranging building and pest inspections; negotiating the best price on the property, as well as liaising with a convenyancer or lawyer to deal with the sale contract terms; and managing the entire acquisition process from "Contract Exchange" to "Property Settlement";


  • Syndicate and Asset Management:  This involves keeping syndicate members updated on all aspects surrounding their investment as well as overseeing the ongoing management of the underlying asset/ property, to liaising with a professional real estate agent, and handling corporate secretarial / statutory work as required.


Important Notice:

Whilst APC may invite a potential investor to participate in a syndicate, we urge each and every investor to consult with their own independent financial advisor and/or accountant to assess whether this type of investment is suitable for them.